lcsh plugin

I apparently installed the lcsh plugin, (the plugin list prompts me to uninstall or deactivate, but I don't see any new features or subject heading prompts at the add an item level, except the prompts for the standard dublin core metadata. Is there some php script that needs to be added or edited? Thanks.

Type something into the Dublin Core Subject field. After typing three characters you should see a dropdown menu containing suggested headings (provided there's a match).

Thanks for the recommendation, but no luck, tried typing in lots of possible authorized LC subject headings, but no dropdown menus containing suggested headings, using site as resource to be sure I'm typing in authorized headings into the dc subject field.

What browser are you using. What version? The plugin may not be compatible with all browser versions. We'll be releasing an update soon after we release Omeka 1.3, which should be within the next few weeks.

Safari 5.0.3 and Firefox 3.5.7; thanks for the feedback.

My LC dropdown menu vanished when I updated to 1.3. Hopefully the new update will take care of it when it comes.

We updated the LCSH plugin for 1.3. It's available for download on the plugins page.