LCSH plugin not working after upgrade to 1.4.1

I have a digital archive that is built by students in an archives/public history program. Last Fall was the first time we used Omeka, and the LC Subject Headings plugin. I'm preparing for another class to start in Sept., but when I tried to add an item, I found that the LCSH don't seem to be working. I have Omeka 1.4.1 running and LCSH 1.3.

My site is at , though you can only see the problem when in admin view.

Could I ask what you see in the admin view (or is it just that there are no options coming up)?

Right now, I'm not able to get to the loc site that supplies the data, so I'm checking into whether it is a problem on their end, or if the service changed location, or if it is something in the plugin.

Hope to have more info for you soon

Yes, the problem is that no drop down box appears with options. You can type whatever you like.

Thanks...that's what I'm getting, too. I hope to hear something back from LoC soon.

I happened to be at a meeting that the LoC developer was also at, and he tells me that he pushed up some new code on Friday. From my testing here, it looks like it is working again.