Layouts & CSS

Hi all,

I have a question as to how the CSS is read. I thought it would be like most css programs, but am coming across issues.

For instance:

<div class="exhibit-item">
			<?php echo exhibit_builder_exhibit_display_item(array('imageSize'=>'fullsize'), array('class'=>'permalink')); ?>

with a css of

.exhibit-item {
    width: 48%;

will show me the image like in image-list-left.

but, if I change the css name to exhibit-item-over, things go wonky.

Even if I keep the css the same.

.exhibit-item-over {
    width: 48%;

calling exhibit-item-over will not react the same as calling exhibit-item. Instead, the image will show up at 100$ width.

If I take float:left; out and try to put in relative positioning so that I can have one image overlap another, well, it gets even wonkier.

What am I missing? I have created a layout with two images and one text and can't figure out why the css is not working the way I expect.

Does your theme CSS have any exhibit-related items in it? I'd guess there's some declarations in there still controlling the layout.

I'm currently using the minimilist theme - but that is a good thing to know. So the themes can override the exhibit layouts? I will keep an eye on that.

Hi trulygreat,

Did you also change the HTML for the layout to use class="exhibit-item-over"? You'll need to do this if you want the CSS to apply to that specific portion of the page.


whew! Okay, I figured it out. Now I just need to figure out what I did to make the footer go wonky! LOL

Glad you got it working!