Largest Omeka Install & Performance

I'm about to use Omeka as the collection storage system for some old photo clip art libraries that I have. There's about 400K images in 3 collections, even with a lot of duplications, I'm looking at around 200K items minimal. This is a private install running on a server I got at home.

My question is for existing large scale Omeka users. What's the performance like for a collection once you hit the 100K files mark? What's the site performance like for things like search?

Probably shouldn't put 100K files into the default archive structure, what solutions are others using for such large scale install?

I could write a plugin that shard the files by the first few characters of the hash, but was wondering if there was any existing solutions. I didn't see such a plugin in the plugins page yet.

Omeka can handle a very large number of items and files, any issues would reside on your server.

The Florida Memory Bank moved their digital collections to Omeka recently and they have over 1 million items and a few exhibits. Check out their site and see what you think of the performance. I think it is quite good:

Thanks Sheila, it look like they shard their file system though. Look like across at least 1 folder for every category and collection so there wouldn't be more than a few hundreds or a few thousands files per folder max.