Large Book Problem / Possible alternatives

Hello all, first time user here.

So we're having some problems with using Omeka to display large digital books. Several hundred page books are too big for a .pdf and breaking a book into several .pdf's is less than ideal. While you can attach lots of .jpeg files to the record of a book omeka doesn't seem to have a way to view these in a book reader form. Instead users have to click on each item.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a solution or workaround? Do other systems handle this kind of thing better? Any help is much appreciated.

What do you mean when you say that the books are too big for a PDF?

There is a community-contributed book reader plugin that I believe operates on individual images for each page and creates a page-turning view from them.

The .pdf files take a really long time to load when they are several hundred pages.


I just found this discussion that I think will help me out.