Language descriptors

On the data-entry page for core metadata describing items, the language field is entered by a drop-down box listing a half-dozen languages. Short of editing the database directly, is there any means of indicating languages other than the six supplied?

At the moment, you should be able to just edit the HTML for that form element in order to make it display the languages you want. That file is located at admin/themes/default/items/form.php in your Omeka installation. Keep in mind that this will be changing in the upcoming version of the software, but for now that is the easiest way.

Thanks. That was easy enough.

Is this still true for Omeka .10 or has this changed with the addition of element sets? I've looked at the admin/themes/default/items/form.php file and it was not easy enough. ;-)



In 0.10, you'll find the list of languages in admin/themes/default/custom.php .

Also of note, for our upcoming 1.0 release the language field has been changed to a text field. So you can enter in whatever languages you like.