JPG orientation

I have upload a jpg that is displayed sideways. How do I change the orientation?

This comes up sometimes due to how different image viewers handle orientation. Some will automatically rotate an image, or will let you set the rotation for an image, but do not actually save that orientation onto the file itself -- they just keep it as a setting internal to the viewer, which means it might or might not display that way elsewhere.

So the thing to do is to use an image editor to make sure that it really saves the new orientation into the file itself, then re-upload it.

Hi! I'm working with a class, and some of their images are rotating so they're displaying sideways both on the homepage and on the Item browse view -- but, when you click on the image and it goes to the full-sized view, they're upright, leading me to think that their orientation is correct in the image file.

Is it possible that Omeka displays images on their sides when they exceed certain dimensions, or does Omeka always display images in the orientation that the original image has?

Things similar to this often come up as a quirk in how some image viewers/editors work. Often, you can tell the editor to rotate the image, but it doesn't store the new rotation data on the image itself, it just remembers to rotate 90 or 180 degrees for that particular image. Looking at the same image in a couple different viewers might reveal if that's the case.

The twist that I haven't seen before is different image sizes coming up with different rotations, so it might be something new.

Thank you, Patrick -- I'll ask the students to make sure that they've got the right orientation in their files themselves before seeing if resizing has an effect.

I am coming across the same issue where the orientation of the thumbnail is different from the orientation of the image when you click on it. Does anyone know why this happens?
I did some testing and it seems to do with image size, because at 1.8 mb it posts sideways, but if I save the same image at a lower resolution of 313 kb, it orients correctly. Is there documentation on the optimal size?

It's probably just that you're re-saving the file when you're trying to change the size, so it gets "actually" rotated, instead of just using the EXIF rotation flag.

If you have Omeka 2.3.1, you can turn on the autoOrient setting to get Omeka to respect EXIF rotation data when it makes thumbnails.