JPEG2000 Support?

I am interested in uploading image files in the JPEG2000 file format. Is there currently support for this format with Omeka?

I see that "Currently, you may upload all types of files into your Omeka installation, but only images automatically display on /items/show pages." I received an error when I tried to upload a small (148KB) test image (with the .jp2 extension).


Thank you for your interest in Omeka. Unfortunately browser support for JPEG2000 is limited. In the future we intend to include a media viewer into Omeka that may be able to handle rendering of .jp2 files.

You mention that you are receiving an error when uploading a test image. Is this an upload error (i.e. the file fails to upload) or does the upload work, but the image breaks when displayed?

-Jim Safley
Omeka developer

I followed this up and you currently cannot upload JPEG2000 images - I think this is in part because the getID3() library ( we use to parse uploaded media doesn't support it.

Jim's right that in the future we intend on having a media viewer, although for the meantime we may be able to hack a solution that essentially bypasses the getID3() library for JPEG2000 images, only retrieving limited metadata from those image files, and still creating derivative images with ImageMagick which thankfully does supports JPEG2000

What is the current status of JPEG2000 support?

For others interested, the answer is yes but no thumbnails are generated for public display. Find a more detailed discussion on the dev list (scroll to May 18 discussions):