jpeg upload error message

Hey everyone,

I was uploading jpeg files just fine, then I started receiving the message, 'Omeka has encountered an error'. I ran the error log and got this:

2013-01-31T09:06:50-05:00 WARN (4): Omeka_Storage_Adapter_Filesystem: Tried to delete missing file 'files/5f000ba8157f3bbf488e95fb8f9b835a.jpg'.

2013-01-31T09:06:50-05:00 ERR (3): exception 'Omeka_File_Derivative_Exception' with message 'Something went wrong with image creation. Please notify an administrator.' in /var/www/html/omeka/application/libraries/Omeka/File/Derivative/Image.php:189

Any idea what I can do to allow jpegs to be uploaded and displayed again?

This sounds like an ImageMagick problem.

Is it possible you or your server admins recently made some change to ImageMagick or its permissions?

We found out the server crashed the night before so I'll ask to see if ImageMagick needs to be reconfigured. Hopefully things can be recovered... Thanks for your help!