Join the Group

Hi folks,

If you are interested in joining the working group, please respond to this thread and tell us what you kind of work you do now and what parts of the documentation interest you most.


Hi Sheila!

I'm interested in helping out. I'm open to whatever, but I'm especially interested in plugins and themes.


I'd be interested in helping out with the Theme API documentation.

Yep, I'll be here! I'll be especially interested in helping to pull together patterns of good practice from what we discover in the use cases and examples that everyone presents.

I'm interested in helping out. I'm interested in helping with themes, especially taking specific theme requests and creating more themes tailored to specific needs/backgrounds/disciplines.

I'm definitely in for the discussion too. In particular, I'm thinking about more use cases and theme tweaks. Also, I'm interested in making the function documentation more friendly for folks with less programming background.

I'm interested in helping out. I've done a few exhibit themes, some exhibit layouts and some changes to the core code. I'd like to see more on the theme capabilities and functions available, as well as other advanced topics.

I'll help! I'm best at general user-oriented documentation, but I can do whatever.

Count me in, especially for the geolocation and timeline plugins.

I'm also interested in helping. I'm working on a plugin right now, and I tend to work/think in a "what documentation would I need if I was doing this (because I am ;-)" fashion. So probably plugin and API stuff now.

Thanks to everyone who has volunteered!

We haven't forgotten about you, but we still need to do some organizing on our end. Soon we will ask you to add to and edit a growing to-do list, and once we have a good list, we will ask everyone to sign up for an item and start writing.

We really appreciate that you all are volunteering your time to contribute to the codex. Your work will help many others working in Omeka, and might inspire them to contribute to the documentation at some point as well.

Be in touch again soon.

If it is needed, please count me in.