John Flatness

why should my forum be closed? is this fair?


You're perfectly welcome to use the forums and mailing list, but we do ask that you keep things to one channel, and to a single thread, for the same issue. You did neither, posting about 4 or so copies of the same message in different places. Doing this will get your topics closed (at minimum).

Your original post on the mailing list is still open and you can add details and work through your problem there.

As for this thread, since I'm not (yet) a plugin, it's off-topic.

you should have educated me. instead you went to the extreme. I did that because it was urgent. we are displaying our library items and needed to quickly provide a QR codes for the items.

I see nothing extreme in John's response. It was, in fact, education and guidance for how to get the best results from the forums and the dev list. Multiple threads about the same question only confuse others, and so closing a thread and channeling toward a single response is best.