Javascript Issues

This is a more general question for a Javascript issue we're having with an Omeka site. We are using Javascript in our exhibit to create custom, sticky tooltips that appear on mouseover. It works great in Firefox/Safari, and even the IE9 I have installed on my personal computer. The issue is that nothing happens when using IE8, particularly in institutional settings (schools, business). I assumed that it was related to browser security settings, and put our Omeka site on the Trusted Sites list and moved all security settings to low, but that doesn't seem to solve the issue. Is this something that there is a quick fix for that I am missing, or can you point me to a good resource for troubleshooting?

The general site is and the pages to which this applies include

I can tell you that you're getting an error "Object doesn't support this prototype or method," and that error's coming from the Prototype JS library. This error's likely being caused by some of your code that uses Prototype.

Saying much more would be a little difficult, because there's quite a lot of JavaScript going on there. You're including two versions of jQuery, plus Prototype and Scriptaculous, and then a good number of other scripts.

It's tough to tell which of these is doing anything in particular at a quick glance.

Hmm okay, I set up a free-standing exhibit page to test at

I stripped out all of the other scripts and styles except one needed to create a shadow effect on mouseover in three locations on the title page. The script defines the function backImage. It works in Firefox but no go in IE. I have the URL in Trusted Sites at the lowest security settings. Not quite sure what my next steps should be to troubleshoot? Are there other IE settings I'm not aware of that could be blocking scripts? (FYI pop-up blocker is also off, not sure if that could affect it)

Since you have jQuery at your disposal, I'd recommend that you use it instead of putting code directly in onmouseover and onmouseout attributes.

That being said, simply moving those attributes from the span elements to their surrounding a elements might help.

IE security settings likely don't have anything to do with this.

Thank you so much - that did the trick! Interestingly enough I had to leave it in the span tag also otherwise it doesn't work in Firefox. But having the onmouseover and onmouseout events in both the a element and the span element solves the problem. Thanks again!