javascript errors in IE

I'm having some javascript errors when using the admin panel in IE7 (and tested in IE6 for the heck of it). It all works great on FF at home.

In the Add Exhibit area, IE6 balks at the javascript:void() on the Add a Section button. I was reading somewhere that IE hates javascript:void() in href. IE7 loads the Add Exhibit page as "Done with errors" in the status area but sometimes reloading the page gets the Add a Section to work.

In IE7 once I've added a page and want to select a layout, clicking on a layout image produces no results. IE7 again loads the page as Done with Errors and the details message says "Line 85, Char 5, Error- Object doesn't support this property."

We have updated our install to 9.1. I guess the ideal answer would be to get my public library to install FF on our machines (I wish.)

PS I love Zotero!

Yes, it's true that IE does not like javascript:void(0). I'll put up a ticket for this to be fixed. In the meantime, you can try searching and replacing all instances of javascript:void() or void(0) with a #. That seems to be the consensus approach to the problem. The problem is that then the click handlers need to return false; at the end so that clicking the link doesn't send you to the top of the page.

I'm not so sure about the other problem, but I'll look into it. From your other post, it seems like you're familiar with SVN. We're probably not going to do another release for a couple of months, but this particular problem should be fixed way before then. After we fix this, then I'd recommend checking out or exporting a copy of Omeka that can be used on your public library computers. Hope that helps.