Items Returned by Keyword Search Not Returned by Advanced Search

If I do a search for "September 1863" in my archive, I get lots of items that have the terms "September" and "1863" in the Date field:

But if I attempt to run an advanced search that looks for "September" and "1863" specifically in the Dublin Core "Date" field, I only get two results.

Ideas about what's wrong? I have reindexed my records in Search Settings, but that didn't appear to fix it.

The URL for the advanced search looks unexpected. When I got to the form, the advanced search url, with "September 1863" for Date contains, gives this:[1][element_id]=40&advanced[1][type]=contains&advanced[1][terms]=September+1863&range=&collection=&type=&tags=&featured=&submit_search=Search

The two different search mechanisms -- general "everything" search and advanced "items" -- work a little differently.

From the URL you give for advanced search, it looks like it is pulling up the two item records that have the continuous string "September 1863" somewhere in their data, one in the title and one in the description. It doesn't look like it's actually tapping into the advanced, date-specific search.

So, I'm curious about how did the second URL you gave got constructed?

Part of the reason my second URL looks different is that stripped "empty" fields out of the URL, like "&tags=", but I assume that's a minor difference here.

The bigger difference seems to be that my URL contains "advanced%5B0%5D%5" wherever yours contains "advanced1". The weirdly encoded URL is what I get when I use the Advanced Search form in Safari.

Is there a browser issue here? When I use the Advanced Form in Firefox, searching for "September 1863" for Date gives me this:[0][element_id]=40&advanced[0][type]=&advanced[0][terms]=&range=&collection=&type=&tags=&featured=&submit_search=Search

When I use the form in Safari, I get this:

But both just return two items, unlike yours:

which returns every single item (all 125)!

Even your query URL doesn't seem to be working exactly like one would expect, as it's returning items without either of the search terms in the Date field, or in any field for that matter. See result #4, for example. It doesn't seem to be filtering at all, but just returning every single item.

Note that in Firefox, the advanced0 strings actually appear in the URL bar as advanced[0], but for some reason the code tag that I was using the comment box strips the brackets out.