Items not showing up


I'm having an issue adding items. When I am on the "Add Item" screen, I input all the Dublin Core metadata, the Item type metadata, and the file. Everything's there. I make the item public and featured, and add it to a collection. Then, I click "Add Item" but when it takes me to the list of items, none of the metadata is there and neither is the file. Literally everything is gone. Technically there is an item with a generic name (Item # 1), but absolutely no metadata and no associated file. I tried searching the forums for this issue and came up with nothing. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


P.S. I should add, the metadata for the collection is intact. This is happening for items only.

If all works as it should, after saving the item when you hit "Add Item" it usually goes back to the list of all items screen. But, the item at the top of the list should be the item you just added. So, just to make sure I'm following what's happening, is that first item in the list _not_ the one that you just entered?

Well, this is a new install, so there are no items. I'm trying to add the very first item. I created a collection with no problem, but like I said, when I try to add items, after saving them all the metadata and files disappear and all that is saved is an empty record.

Alright, I think I just figured out what the problem is, but I'll go ahead and share in case someone else runs in to this. I believe that the size of the file I was trying to upload was too large. I don't know why I wasn't getting any sort of error message, but when I upload smaller files, it works like a charm.


PHP's behavior when you exceed the post_max_size limit is basically to just act like you didn't upload anything at all. It's not very easy for us to deal with this problem, but you can (assuming you have the ability to administer your server) increase the limit to stop that from happening.