Items ID and Output formats


We would lke to use the output formats to call our items in a third part plateforme.

Althoug the Dublin Core ID of our items doesn't match withthe ID in the URL of the output format (exple:http://host/json.php?id=ID).

Is there any way we can find a possible mapping betwen thses 2 IDs?


There probably isn't a good programmatic way. the ID in the URL is the ID in the database, which is just incremented for each new item.

So a mapping is not possible.

How can we call the json object by the item's ID?

Since it sounds like you are using the JSON output format (rather than the API), you could basically use the URL for an advanced search, then tack &output=json to the end. It would look like this:


We are actually using the API (http://host/api/items/OMEKA_ID. And we would like to avoid using the advanced search.How can this be possible with the API?


Well, that sounds like partly bad news, and partly good news.

First the bad: the API doesn't really have a way to do search for a specific field. The workaround that I see would be to do the advanced search thing with the output format JSON, then from that data dig up the OMEKA_ID you want and have at it via the API. If that smells icky to you, I agree.

So let's move on the the good news. If you are working through the API, you could create the map that you need. (Should have asked about this direction first. Sorry) You could just roll through all the items via the API, dig out the dc:identifier for each of them, and store that someplace, probably updating it as your work needs. Then you'd just need to make sure that is up to date before you move on to whatever next processing you need to do.

Does that get closer?