Items dissapear in an Exhibit

I created an exhibit using the exhibit builder. Sometimes the associated items and their captions decide to load on the exhibit page, sometime they don't (just the main body of text will be there, no item images nor captions). I can't tell why this is first I though it might be associated with a certain browser, but it seems to happen on safari, firefox, internet explorer. Also, this is only happening on one of my exhibits (I have three and the other two work fine). Finally, when I go from the admin side and click on "view public site" or the exhibit from the exhibit edit page, all the items show up. Any ideas why this might be happening??? Thanks so much!!!

Hi, are all of the items checked as public that you are using in the exhibit? If not, they will appear for you if you are logged in on the admin side, but not if you are checking the exhibit on other browsers and not logged in.