Items are not visible on public site


now I have a problem with viewing items in Omeka public site.

In my installation of Omeka there are currently about 700 uploaded jpg pictures described with DC metadata. They could be seen in admin interface, but not on public site -

More precisely, they could also be seen on a public site but only after I log in to admin site and after that when I go back to public site items are visible.

As if by logging at admin site of Omeka I woke up the part of system in charge for displaying items in public site.

Any thoughts?

It sounds like you're getting the expected behavior of the "public" tag for items.

Items have a "public" checkbox you can select on the admin side. When this box is not checked, only logged-in users can see the item in question.

Only when the "public" box is checked can everyone visiting the public side of your page see the item.

Thanks for the info.

That was the problem.