ItemRelations for 2.0


Is there any chance that the new ItemRelations update will be ready by March 10? I have recently installed Omeka 2.0 for use to manage collections and online exhibits for a small historical society. We were hoping to enter object locations during the week of March 10, and I had hoped to use the ItemRelations plugin to relate objects to their locations within the society's storage space. Thanks for keeping me updated

I'd say it's doubtful, given the various time and project constraints here, that Item Relations will be updated for 2.0 by March 10.

Oh well. Thanks for keeping me in the loop RE when it does get updated.

Also for our projects we would be glad if this plugin is updated to run with the new Omeka 2.X version.

Thanks, Matthias Einbrodt


Just wondering if there is an update to the status of this plugin for 2.0?


We've found some dev time here to update it, and is in internal testing.