Item_type with multiple items and custom item attributes

Hi we have as we view, two sets of collections we want to import into Omeka. We have already setup Omeka and started to play with it. But finding it a difficult to understand with the default Dublin Core attributes and what what we want.
Hope I can get answer for this:

Can I have a collection created in Omeka Dublin Core, and then have an item_type by which my collection is categorized, further down, for each item_type can I have multiple items, which I can publish online. And for each items can I define my own attributes, if yes how can i define my own attributes.

Please help.

You can create or edit item types with your own attributes by clicking the Item Types tab at the left of the admin screen.

You can have as many items of a particular item type as you want, and then add them to a collection. The collection groups items of any item type. Collections don't really do anything with item type information themselves.

Hi Patrick,

Thank you for your quick response. I was hoping I could group and list by Item type. This is what I was trying to achieve. Click on a specific collection > Click on Specific Item Type > Then click on any item of choice.
As a workaround:
I thought I will use "browse by tags" as a means to categorize Items by Item types(as tags). But then I also wanted to add a Keywords attribute for an Item type to behave just like generic "Tags" so I can search by Keywords. Is this possible.

If adding Keywords attribute is possible, I would also like to add Authors attribute so we can have items with multiple authors and yet indexed just like Tags.

Please advise.

Omeka doesn't come with those links for collection and then delving into item type, but it can browse in that way just fine.

If you look at the Item-specific advanced search, you'll see you can filter by both Collection and Item Type. If you filter by both, you'll only get items in that collection with that specific item type (the relevant URL parameters are type and collection).

You could write your theme (for the collections/show page, likely?) so that it includes those kinds of links.

thank you John for your response just happened to read it. I will try that best!