Item view

I’m presently working on an Omeka site (AvantGarde theme) for my project and I was wondering if someone knows how we could do the following item view:



I'm not quite following. What exactly are you trying to make, and how close are you?

I'm trying to make the item view page (the page that comes up when you click on an image in Omeka) to look similar to the link I provided. If you click on an image from my site:

You get a page that's not very appealing.

Any information would help. Can I modify the css to make it look similar to the link I provided. In sum, having the image show up with the metadata beside it.

There are two files you can edit to change how your item page looks. yourtheme/items/show.php and yourtheme/css/style.css--yes, you can edit the CSS, but to make such large changes, you will also have to modify the PHP template.

Getting the tabs to work as they do on the Peacock Room site requires a custom javascript. Here's the one Wayne State is using:

Two columns is easier, though. Our item page looks like this, and you can see our items/show.php (slightly modified from the Seasons theme) on Github.

I don't have a public page I can show you, but we did the same with Berlin, which required more modification.

Great! Thank you for the samples and pointers. :-)