Item Versioning

Dear Forum

I was wondering if versioning is a concept that has it's place in the omekaverse? Let's say an item represents a collaborative artwork that changes over the years. It would be great to make a snapshot of it every few days and version the item.

How would you go about that?

Are you saying that the real-world object which the item represents is the evolving artifact, and you want to document that in the Omeka item?

Off the top of my head, you could: 1. create a new item each time, revising the metadata but updating the date field and make a collection for the item as a whole; or 2. upload new files every few days and make sure that your files themselves have robust metadata, with the title being the date taken.

Hello mebrett

Thank you very much for you answer.

The artwork example is actually pretty bad. A better one would be a website of which I want to capture it's changes over time. So every week I would make a snapshot.

I'm a big fan of versioning (since I'm a webdev :) ) it's kind of essential to my world. It enables you to see differences in version, revert changes, preserve the history of an item.

Thanks for the suggestions. Doing it by hand would also mean to establish a protocol with the collaborators on how to do it properly. An automatic system would prevent mistakes.