Item Pagination/Delete Many Items

I need to delete a collection, including all the items in it (over 200) from an Omeka 2 installation and I'm finding it to be quite a hassle. The default items view is to show all items in reverse-chronological order, ten per page. So to delete these items I'm having to:

- Click Search Items
- Click Search By Collection
- Click Search
- Click Select All Checkbox
- Click Delete
- Click Delete Items

This deletes the ten items, but then frustratingly takes me back to the default view meaning I have to do ALL of that all over again (more than 20 times).

Is there a better way, either to show more than 10 items per page or delete/edit all the items from a collection in one go?

You can increase the number of items shown per page from Appearance > Settings > Results Per Page (admin).

Bless you kind sir.