Item Order problem: reordering is not saved

I have several collections: 57, 34, and 148 items. On collections with 57 and 34 items the plugin works just fine and the item order that i customize using the plugin is preserved/saved.

In collection with 148 items, I can physically move the items around as normal, but when I return to the collection page and then back into item order page, the old order is displayed as if I did not change it.

Looks like it's not getting saved. Is there a limit of # items for which this works? (e.g. 100 max or something)? I can't think of any other explanation..

There should be no limit to the number of items that can be ordered. What Omeka and Item Order versions are you using? After ordering the 148 item collection and returning to the collection page, are the items ordered as expected. In other words, does the order reset itself only after going back to the item order page?

Indeed (meant to indicate). All current: omeka 1.5.1; Item Order 1.0.3

"After ordering the 148 item collection and returning to the collection page, are the items ordered as expected. In other words, does the order reset itself only after going back to the item order page?" - I tried testing each step, i.e. viewing the items in a separate tab and/or browser (Firefox, IE) after each step in the manual reorder.

Say I replace the order of items titled "image3" and "image4" so that "4" comes before "3". I do this on the Item Order page, then switch to another tab where the public site is shown, and reload the collection. The order has not changed, even though on the item order page on admin interface "image4" is indeed after "image3" as i moved it. However, if I exit that reorder page and re-enter it, the order is also lost.

Bottom line: The ordering LOOKS AS IF it works on the ordering interface itself, but the changes do not appear to be actually saved beyond that interface; so any other way of viewing the collection (while logged in or not; within the admin interface or on user-facing site) does not reflect the changed order.

(Note: Again, this problem only exists for the collection with 148 items; other collections seem to be working fine. the only difference besides # of items is that the collection with 148 items contains several that are set to "private." However whether the items being ordered are private or public does not seem to matter for this issue -- it's just a difference between collections.)


Waaaait a minute. It seems there might be a bug in the plugin that causes ordering not to work as expected with dependency on item privacy settings. I just tried switching all private items (about 5 out of 148) back to public, and then ordering, and I am seeing some "saving" going on. It didn't save all 5 ordering changes (I changed order for all 5 ex-private-now-public items), but it seems to have saved a couple of those. This looks like it could use another look for sure. Please let me know if you find anything?

um...nope. still doesn't work after making all items public... Still needs a look.

I can't reproduce the error on a collection that contains 100+ items. It's unusual that it's working on your smaller collections. I suspect either a JavaScript error or that ordering is happening slowly due to the large amount of items. Open up your browser's JavaScript console, reorder a few items, and see if the console shows any errors. If there are no errors, I suggest that you reorder a few items, wait on that page ~30 seconds, and then see if the order is saved on the browse page.

I used the Web Console with JS error log active but no errors/alerts popped up (and otherwise everything looked identical) as I went through a routine with a collection where reordering works and the collection where it doesn't save. Not sure what's going on. As omeka dev, would admin login to my omeka site help you troubleshoot? (you could reproduce the error!) What's a private way to share that?

I'll email you directly. Your email is the one attached to this account, correct?

Right. Thanks!

To summarize what was found by the dev team, the likely reason for incorrect function of the item order plugin was the process of upgrading from v 1.0 to 1.0.3. The solution was to uninstall/re-install the plugin (through the Omeka admin settings/plugins interface). After the reinstall the items began to sort normally in all collections. One thing to keep in mind is that un/re-installing the plugin will cancel out any previous custom re-ordering of items on all collections, so there is a bit of re-work involved. At least for me this was worth the fix. Thanks again to the Omeka team.

Yes, regrettably, when upgrading from version 1.0 there's a chance that your item order will be corrupted. As peacewalk mentions, you'll need to uninstall and re-install the plugin.

peacewalk, thanks for your exceptional forum etiquette by posting the resolution.