Item Order Error

I have installed the Item Order plugin, but when I try to use it from the admin interface to order the items in a collection, I receive an error message that reads "You’ve tried to access a page that does not seem to exist. Sometimes this happens. Below is a quick break-down of the items, collections, and exhibits on this site."

Additionally, is there any plugin that could reorder the collections in the same way?

The Item Order plugin has not been publicly released, so we don't recommend its use in production sites and we can't guarantee that it'll work on subsequent upgrades.

That being said, I suspect that the plugin directory is not named correctly. It should be named "ItemOrder". Uninstall the plugin, rename the directory, and reinstall the plugin.

If that doesn't work, follow these directions to retrieve error messages and post any messages you see here.

That did it. Thanks so much.