Item list display

Hi, I have been having some problems in the display of item lists, it happens in some cases and not in others, but what happens is that in the end of the list, the itens start to loose the format.

I am using the Seasons theme, and for example the white boxes behind each item, that differentiate the blue colored text from the blue background stop being displayed as in here:

Here's some of the pages where I got this error:

From those two examples, it looks like there might be a quirk in the HTML for the title of item 2673

The HTML being output seems to be missing a closing tag, and the fact that in the browse pages the title ends at "&" makes me suspect that there is something going wrong in rendering the HTML for the title.

I'd try first changing the title of that item to not use HTML and see if that fixes it. If it does, I'd try reentering the title with HTML and the italics, and double check that the full title is displayed. Sometimes the HTML editor for elements gets a little confused, and it might just take a little cleanup of the entry.