Item images showing as placeholder images

I’ve recently got the go ahead to move a dev instance of Omeka into production. As I work at a university, full file-level control has passed to campus IT staff. In the process, the database was migrated from my internal dev server, but the Omeka files were a new install.

The problem I’m having is that newly uploaded item images seem to only show placeholders in the back-end and just the image name as a link in the front-end.

I spoke to the server admin this morning and he confirmed that ImageMagick is working, the path is correct and the permissions to the folders/files under /files/ are 755 or better.

The problem seems to lie with the uploaded image not propagating to the fullsize, square_thumbnails & thumbnails directories but it is going into original because clicking on the placeholder image then resulting link will take me there eventually.

I can’t confirm any of these because I’ve lost shell access to the production server, but the guy in charge is an experienced sysadmin.

Any idea as to what it might be?

What you say rules out my first two guesses, ImageMagick not working and folder permissions: the symptoms definitely sound like an ImageMagick problem.

So, my next guess goes to different ImageMagick setups. Omeka assumes the command is convert, but I've seen cases where IM is set up with a slightly different command, like convert-versionWhatever. That makes IM work, but confuses Omeka. That might be something to check with your sysadmin.