item id variable

i want to store the item id to a new php variable how can i do it ;

in the omeka url


i want to store the argument 37 to a php variable so as to use to a sql query

One way at it might be to dig it out of the request object (haven't tested this, though):

$request = Omeka_Context::getInstance()->getRequest();
$id = $request->getParam('id');

it dosen't work

in the omeka header.php there is a php command

echo $artist

can you help me in which controller can i find the variable title ?

The controller would be the ItemsController in application/controllers, but we should be able to get at what you need without going all the way back there.

Could you tell me a bit more about what you are trying to produce and how you are approaching it? I tried the above code in the header.php and items/show.php files in my theme, and it worked there.

whell thanks a lot

i want to create a button in the view which i will delete the item with specific id