Item file re-ordering

I have not be able to find anything in the Forum similar so I'll just ask. We are testing Omeka and are adding picture files (.jpg) of High school yearbooks. Each of these yearbooks contain as many as 300+ pages . We are currently adding them all to an item (1 yearbook per item) and have had very good results except for one little thing. Occassionally, the files are imported in the wrong order. When we try to move any file on an item page (after the 21st file) the file just returns to the place it imported to. Example: if file #35 imports into the #46 slot, we can't move it. Has anyone run iton this and is there a solution short of deleting the file and stating over from scratch? TIA Dan

You should be able to reorder files at will on the edit page. Are you saying the drag-and-drop reordering works for the first 21 files, but not any later ones?

(Also, what version of Omeka is this?)

That is correct John. We are using the latest version (2.4). Just downloaded and installed last week. It's running on Ubuntu 14.04 virtual machine on a Windows 2012 R2 .

Does the drag and drop seem to work before you save the page, or does the file snap back immediately?

Also, is the changeover between working and not consistently the 21st file, or does it change?

Everything works fine until you add the 22nd file, then when you try to drag and drop, the element disappears and reappears once you let the left mouse button up. The element showing the file name snaps back to where it was to start with.

Okay, I can confirm the problem. The issue seems to just be with the Javascript that's used for dragging and dropping.

The fix is very simple, but I'm not sure how long it will be until there's a new release including it (likely 2.4.1).

That fixed it. Thank you very much. :^)

Good to hear.

It looks like the root cause is a regression in jQuery UI, the library we use for drag-and-drop. What the ultimate fix will look like depends on whether it's fixed on their end or not.

Well changing "document' to 'body' certainly works for the moment. ;^)