Item belonging in more than one collection

Hi, I'm using Omeka 0.9. I have an item that belongs in two collections. Is there a way to add an item in more than one collection (step 3)?! THANKS!

Hi lizzyha,

In all of Omeka's versions, items may only belong to one collection at one time. You can devise a way around that by creating a systematic tagging schema.


Thanks Sheila.

By creating a systematic tagging schema, is it possible to feature the item in more than one collection?

An item may only be associated with one collection regardless of its tags.

You may, however, edit the theme to allow users to browse by specific tags and you don't have to tell them it is a "tag" and not a "collection".

For instance, in the Upper Ringwood Library site, their main navigation happens to be organized by collections but you wouldn't necessarily know they are grouped by a "collection" because it isn't labeled that way in the theme:

Similarly, you can just as easily browse by tag in the main navigation and make the link go to a page that specifically calls for and displays a specific tag, like this: .../items/browse?tags=smile