I am transferring files, at this point manually, from my old site to my OMEKA site. My theme is "thanks, Roy". The Italics in the text is not transferring--nor is it showing up when I actually add it after the fact (this is in both Simple pages and Exhibits). I've tried copying the text in Html, using the Plain text function and the "copy from Word" function. WHat is going on? How do I fix this?

Is this text in Item/File/Collection metadata, a Simple Page, an Exhibit, or somewhere else?

Do the italics show up and stay between saves on the admin edit and show pages, or is the formatting missing everywhere?

I am only using Simple pages and Exhibits for my content. When I paste the text into the admin box, the italics appear, then when I go to view it on the public site, the Italics are gone. I've tried multiple ways to insert the italics but I can't get them to "stick."

Any ideas about the italics issue? I'm using OMEKA 2.0.

What I was trying to get at with my earlier question was: when you say that they don't "stick," is that also the case when you go back to the edit page for the Simple Page or Exhibit? Are the italics there or gone in the editor box when you go back to edit again?

There's a variety of ways HTML formatting can seem to get "lost," and one of them is that the public theme simply doesn't have the correct styling. I'm trying to narrow down what's happening here.

If you have a publicly-accessible URL to a page that should have formatting but doesn't, that could help too.

When I paste the text using the "paste in Word" it seems that the italics are there but they don't appear on the public page. Here are several examples:
-a simple page:
-->on the first line "Dictionary of African Christian Biography" should be italicized.
--all my exhibits (on the biographies page) have bibliographies that should have italicized works in them.

Okay, it looks like this is just a theme problem.

I believe this has been fixed in later releases of the themes, and in later Omeka releases (which include updated themes).

Basically, if you look at the source code for the page you linked, the right HTML tags are actually there (for example: <em>Dictionary of African Christian Biography</em>). The problem is, the theme isn't written to actually make <em> tags show up as italic-styled text, so you can't tell they're there.

You could manually change the CSS for the theme, or just update your version of Omeka and/or the themes to the latest release, which has the right default styles.