issues with importing multiple files


I do have a csv file and it looks like this

title, creator, description, tags, url1, url2
"Robinson Crusoe", "Daniel Defoe", "A man survives on an island.",
"book, classic, island", "","http://"

every time, I upload this file, It creates an item with title Robinson
Crusoe and only one url included.

i wonder how i can create one item with 2 urls included and if this is
I am using updated version of CSV.


The way the files get handled is a bit different from the other fields -- confusing, I agree.

I was able to get multiple files to import using just one url column, set up like this:

hope that works!

patrickmj: I tried this with a test CSV file with no luck. Do you need to set a different delimiter when doing this, something other than a comma?

The CSV Import interface does allow you to map multiple columns as a "File", instead of using one column with comma-separated URLs, though as nancymou points out, this currently does not import them as separate files. It seems the interface should be updated to allow only one column to be mapped as a File, or the plugin should be updated so multiple columns can be imported as a File.

Huh. Should work with comma delimiter.

Much agreed about the need for change the interface, at least once it gets working consistently

I rather like the idea of having multiple columns imported as files, instead of putting the files in a comma-separated list and imported under one column. It makes it more explicit that you're importing multiple files, and removes the necessity of separating them by a comma but enclosing the list of files in quotes.

Just double-checked this, and I can import multiple files to an item using "," as you suggested, Patrick. Had a typo in one of my URLs. My apologies.

No worries!

For that interface, I agree that multiple columns makes sense. It was implemented that way for the exporting from, which completely bypasses the interface. I'll take a look at what adjusting how that interface works would require.

Patrickmj: I found out in import.php in the Csv plugin in _addItemfromRow function there is a for loop

foreach($fileUrls[0] as $url) and if you remove the [0] and leave it at foreach($fileUrls as $url) that will read the different files from different columns and attach them to a single item.

I tried to debug using print_r but I could not see any out put in the interface and i did not know how to debug the code to make sure this is the only place to fix or what is the purpose of looping through the $fileUrls[0].

Thanks for the help

So, I'm putting the urls in one column, separated by commas, and the whole string is in quotation marks (e.g., ","). Does that seem right? I'm still not having any success.

Also, I've been using semicolon separated values instead of comma separated values. Would that have an effect?

I _think_ that for multiple files, you still need to have multiple columns. Also think that you can specify the delimiter, so as long as it is consistent it should be okay

Any other tips for adding multiple files with the CSV plugin would be appreciated. I can't even get the example file that comes with the plugin to work, and I've tried both methods (two columns, one column separated by commas). And I've tried both a self-hosted Omeka installation and It'll import one file but not the second.