Issues importing files using CSV plugin

I'm using the CSV plugin on My rows look like this (I'm using | as the column separator). It's the last column that I want to import as the "file":

W7|Walters Ms. W.7, Reichenau Gospels|Digital Walters Website:|Bookreader version:|

When I import this file without marking the last column as "file" it imports just fine, but when I check that "file" box it skips all the rows and doesn't import anything. Any idea what might be up? The URLs just point to a little jpeg file, none of them are broken. I've successfully imported this same file to an Omeka instance installed on my own server, so I'm wondering if this might be an issue with


My guess is that there is something off in the formatting of the CSV file. There might be a stray character or an extra space that is throwing off the import.

I took the data that you provided and created 2 small CSV files, 1 using a comma as the separator and another using the pipe character. I was able to import both CSVs and the image file when checking the file box in my site.