Issue with /tmp not writeable

Trying to troubleshoot a user unable to upload files, it's complaining that /tmp isn't writeable. Plenty of free space and inodes available though. Logged in as that user (which Apache runs as) I can create files in /tmp just fine. Any ideas how to troubleshoot this?

Is the server using SELinux? SELinux systems often put specific restrictions on where the server can write that are applied specifically to the server process, not just its user. Other settings like open_basedir can also come into play here, but you'd see that in your PHP logs.

You can also just set the temporary directory used for storage to be somewhere else with the storage.tempDir config.ini setting.

SELinux is off and I'm not positive it's not happening to others but this was the first report (shared server) that I had heard of. storage.tempDir fixed it though by setting a tmp directory that was inside the user's home folder so thanks for that!