Is there any news about TEIdisplay?

I'm starting to use Omeka (2.4) and I try to install TEIDisplay. Php-xsl package is enabled, but I always get the next error message:

Method named 'exec' does not exist or is not callable.

Does anybody know any update on this plugin?


That error is usually the result of the server having that function disabled. Easiest thing is to see if your server admin / hosting company will allow it. Not sure if there's another workaround.

Thank you for your answer.
I don't find solution until now. I'm trying to reach someone working on this plugin. If you have other suggestion, please let me know.

The error you're seeing sounds like a common one you can get when you try to use a plugin written for Omeka 1.x with a newer version.

The best source for "news" would probably be the plugin's Github page.

That's a good idea. Thank you!