Is there an Artist Plugin


I've been looking into using omeka for a while and one question I have is is there an Artist Plugin. I would like to possibly use the plugin for a gallery that supports multiple artist. I see the Collection section is fairly close to what I'm looking for only I think it would be need to be able to group items with the artist.


Hey Brooke,

I'd love to see more artists using Omeka -- I also hope we'd get some cool themes to be contributed back to the project. Here's an example of one artist using Omeka collections to show their portfolio:

At this time there's no specific plugin for artists.. what features would they need that Omeka currently lacks?


Dave thanks for the response. Granted I haven't actually installed Omeka but I have played around a bit (quite a bit) in the sandbox.

I suppose I should clarify my idea and say is there a multi-artist plugin for Omeka? My idea for this would be create an Artist page much like the current "Items" and "Collections."

I am thinking the primary use could be for gallery sites that have multiple artist. This would allow the gallery to create Artist pages that would contain the "items" that artist created. The Artist pages could also allow artist to add collections or exhibits.

I guess it may be reworking the "collector" approach to an "artist" approach if that makes sense. I haven't looked that much into the "roles" of users but if there would be a way for the "artist" user to only modify and add items and other content to their collections.

I feel that I'm ranting now but even a bio page for the artist would be neat. I know Omeka is still pretty new and I think it's amazing all it does already.

As far themes, if I find the time I may take a crack at creating some cool themes.


I am looking into this as well. Actually, I wasn't looking at the multiple artist angle so much, but I do want a way to record shows, current and past owners, status of work, and more detailed rights. I think I'm going to need to learn to write plugins. :)