Is it possible to move an exhibit from test to production?


I've recently started a position at a library that uses a test and production instance of Omeka. Unfortunately, the staff at the library is small and has completely turned over in the last year and a half, meaning that we are lacking some documentation about workflows. For some reason, the previous staff would construct exhibits on the test site and move them to the production site to go live. What I'm wondering is, is there a way for me to completely move one exhibit from the test to the production, either by exporting the table from the test database and importing it into the production, or by using the api, or by another means.

Any help is appreciated! Thank you!

The latest versions of Exhibit Builder and OmekaApiImport should let you import updates from the test to the production sites.

Some additional caveats/warnings I just remembered:

If you haven't been using OmekaApiImport, all the content from testing to production will be duplicated on the first import. Subsequent imports will update the data.

The import doesn't necessarily work with all the plugins. If you need to update data handled by other plugins, it might or might not work.

Thank you! I just learned that the hard way, but fortunately they've included an undo function.

Even if I end up having to delete a lot of content, this will still be a lot faster than hand replicating the exhibit on the live site.

Hi patrickmj, I too needed to import updates from test to the production site. Now I will use this OmekaApiImport plugin.