Is it possible to add administrative metadata fields

I am planning to use Omeka as the basis for a digital edition and one of the things that I want to be able to do is keep track of the status of each item as it goes through a number of steps.

So, for example, I'd like to add a field called
Transcription status that had 5 possible choices:
No transcription needed
Transcription needed
Proofreading needed
Corrections needed

Same with Metadata status:
Proofread needed
Research needed

This would not be something shown in the public view, but a document control system used in house to highlight the next steps needed on an item, and when all steps are Finalized, to select items to be set to public.

I think it would also be useful to have a note field for internal comments on an item.

My guess is this might take the form of a plugin, for administering digital archives, but is there any workaround while we are still in design phase? Thanks!

To really be able to track workflow like that, it would probably take a plugin. But, I can also imagine the following combo for getting at it.

If you create those fields as Item Type metadata, you could use the Simple Vocab plugin to make dropdowns for those values.

Then, you could use the Hide Elements plugin to hide those values from the public side.

Finally, the Commenting plugin can be configured to only allow certain roles to leave a comment, but I think those only show up on items on the public side.

Of course, that doesn't give you real workflow tools like notifications, but at least you could do advanced searches to see where things are.

Thanks--that confirms what I was thinking. There's only one Item Type Metadata allowed for each item though. Well, it will work for now and I'll work on creating a plugin.