Is it not possible to export to a .CSV file ? Plugin ?

If so, why not ?
thanks, Ph.

Currently, the best way at that is to use a script that reads from the API (requires Omeka 2.1 or higher). Here's a PHP-based script and some Python scripts.


Hi Patrick,
I'm trying to do the same thing, but when running the PHP script I end up getting a T string parsing error on line 9. I already pointed it at the right site, hadn't made any other changes.
Any suggestions on what to do?
Thanks, Thomas

That looks like it's an issue of PHP versions. It requires PHP 5.4 for one of the libraries I'm using. That parse error is on a line that uses a feature that I think is available in PHP 5.3, so I'd guess that your PHP version is 5.2.x?

Ah yeah, just checked the settings and we've got 5.2.14 here, thanks! I'll look for a work around

Hi, I am new. I dont get how do we use PHP-script for omeka export. Using php 5.6.3 on xampp 3.2.1

An early response would help me indeed. Thanks.


Could you be more specific about what you don't get?