Is it easy to install to a directory other than the root?


I want to explore Omeka but I have some apps on my server and I don't want Omeka to take over the root of the url. The instructions on the website will lead to that happening. Anyone have experience modifying it to take a subdomain or simply a localhost/omeka url?


Omeka works just fine in a subdirectory.

Thanks John,

So I take it I can just follow the instructions and change any 'var/www' to 'var/www/omeka' and DocumentRoot to 'var/www/omeka' from 'var/www' -- or is there anything else that needs changing ?


Which instructions specifically are you talking about?

In general, the Omeka installation instructions don't require you to change the DocumentRoot, and you wouldn't want to change it if you're installing in a subdirectory (the DocumentRoot directive is what tells Apache where the root of the server's URL should point to).

Thanks again for the response John.

I'm referring to the instructions here:

I suppose the only change that needs to be made is copying into /var/www/omeka/ and changing the

<Directory /var/www/>
Options Indexes FollowSymLinks MultiViews
AllowOverride None
Order allow,deny
allow from all

to be /var/www/omeka, but my server setup knowledge is limited and I would rather get this correct on the first go!

thanks again!

You don't need to change anything about that config section you posted. That setting will apply just fine to a subdirectory.

Of course, it should be AllowOverride All, not None, but you don't need to change the path.