IPTC data and dropbox


When creating items from files in the dropbox, should the IPTC data associated with the image file populate the item record fields?

Thank you.

Metadata that Omeka reads out of files does not get applied to the item or populate any fields in the item.

Since each item can have many files, and many projects don't want the item to use the file's embedded metadata, we leave that kind of mapping for people to implement on a case-by-case basis.


By "mapping" are you referring to the mapping available through the CSV-import plugin? Is there another way to map the IPTC data to the item?

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Sorry, i was referring to "mapping" in a more general sense, not the mapping that the CSV Import plugin allows.

If you wanted to have file metadata populate into your item records, your best option would be to write a plugin that reads the IPTC data and crosswalks specific portions over to the item's Dublin Core metadata.

Got it.


Has anyone talked about writing backwards to a file form either DC or IPTC data? through omeka?

This is an excellent idea. For example, say I import a bunch of things in bits and pieces - i.e. effectively by hand or through some other ad hoc process. Later I realize I need to update certain fields across all my collections. If I could get Omeka to export out to a CSV file I could bring this into Excel, make my corrections, and re-import - overwriting my changes as needed. Plus it makes it easier for me to migrate to another solution. I know I can export my MySQL database in various formats but not in manner that makes applying the kinds of changes I listed above a cinch.