Invalid CSV file


I am trying to import a CSV file, but continue to get this error: "Your file is incorrectly formatted. Please select a valid CSV file."

Can anyone tell me how I can determine what is wrong with this file?

Thank you.

From what source did you derive the CSV file? Also, were you able to successfully import the test.csv file that comes with the plugin?


Yes, I was able to import the Omeka test CSV. To create my CSV file, I exported data directly from our ILS. Omeka does not seem to like these files.


Have you tried opening the CSV in another program, like Filemaker or Excel and re-saving as a CSV?

Also, does the CSV file look like it's supposed when you open it up--each field separated by comma, each entry in its own line?

What is your ILS? It's possible that there is a bug we don't know about that relates specifically to it, or there is a something that your system is adding onto the file.


I re-exported my data from our ILS (Innovative's Millennium) and realized that there were some problems with the delimiting of the fields. I cleaned that up and got another invalid file error. This time, it seemed to be related to some records having more than one file associated with them. I excluded these records and the file loaded just fine.

I just loaded another file and got a different error:

"Import Error: Invalid File Download; URL is not readable or does not exist:"

Despite this error, however, it looks as though all the records were imported into our Omeka database.

Thank you for your help.

Willis: Glad you got it working!