Intranet Omeka for school libraries without Internet connection

Hi all!

Im trying to implement Omeka to create digital libraries for schools in Ecuador, but most of the schools dont have Internet access, so Im trying to install it in a normal desktop computer (4 Gb or RAM and 1 Tb of hard drive) as a LAMP server.

Have some else a tutorial or recomendations with similar proyects?

Thanks a lot!

Are you thinking of using a virtual machine for running the LAMP stack and serving Omeka?


A server is a computer like another one, but with a software called "server" and generally more memory. That's why you can install a server on very cheap computers like Rasberry Pi, that is enough for 10 simultaneous connections (or more). So, there is no issue to install Omeka on your desktop computer, even under Windows (Linux recommended).

Anyway, you should simply set theme.useInternalAssets = true in config.ini, so all third parties codes will be loaded from Omeka Core.

About it, there are some Google fonts in the admin theme that slows the loading of the admin board when connection is out. Is it possible to add another option to disable them in order not to comment them in the code?


Daniel Berthereau
Infodoc & Knowledge management

Hi, thanks for your answers.

Im using a Ubuntu server 12.04 as a LAMP server with Omeka, but not as a vm.

I will try the useInternalAssets = true, because I notice that when I try to access a Omeka connexion without internet the pages take a lot of time to charge.

I really want to try to use a Raspberry pi for a smaller proyect, but I need a lot of memory (around 1 TB because is a lot of educational videos) and more RAM.

If you know about similar proyects will be of great help! Thanks!