Internet Explorer and exhibit builder


I have noticed that some of my exhibit pages do not display in their entirety in IE 8.0. They look fine in FireFox. I generally use only 2 or 3 layouts. Not all of them are a problem, but at least one, image-list-right, is.

Here is a link to a problematic page:

There should be two images on this page; one beneath the other.

Thanks for any help!

That is strange, because I cannot see the 2nd image in Firefox 3.6 either.

Are you always having display issues with the image-list right layout? Have you tried a different layout for this page, like image-list left?

Are all of the images public?

Hi Sheila,

After writing my initial post, we noticed that we are having the same display problems with different versions of Firefox, as well as with IE. Additionally, on my own computer (Firefox 3.6.3), I have the problem intermittently. One of my colleagues cannot get certain pages to display correctly at all (Firefox 3.5.9).

I have tried changing layouts and this has resulted in the correct display, but not consistently. I have used the same layout for multiple other pages without any problems.

Strange indeed.

We are hoping that upgrading to v.1.2. might resolve the problem.

Any thoughts are appreciated!


This likely is not a browser issue, because the HTML for second item/image isn't even being written to the page. You should first confirm that the second image you're using is public. Also, are you using the page layouts as-is, or have you modified them in any way?

Hi Jeremy,

I had changed some layouts by copying and modifying some of the default layouts. I thought my edited versions were the problem, but that turned out not to be the case. Alas, you are correct that these images were not public--some were not part of collections, so I did not want them to be public, only wanted to use for exhibit purposes.

I should have realized that was the problem, but did not put two and two together.