Interface structure


I'm trying to "parse" the way interface is structured in order to customize it. Speaking of "Thanks Roy" theme, it seems there are 3 columns: a) search and navigation, b) center column, c) right column. The first one is too large for my needs and I want to shrink it a bit. Problem is I don't know where to look.

Where is this information stored? You could really save me some very serious time browsing through all files that seem relevant to me.

And something I noticed: by increasing the body font size, it seems all html elements get "zoomed in". The same happens to the "first column" as well, which results in a huge vertical navigation area (and a distorted search box).


Ok, got it.

Theme's style.css, line 1748 (approx.-made some additions) #primary-nav (width) and line 1759 #home #primary (width and padding-left) values.

Topic closed, I guess.. ;-)