Interest in showing more featured exhibits on my Omeka homepage

I am interested in having my Omeka homepage display all three of my exhibits on the Featured Exhibits section. Is this possible to do, and if so, are there any specific plugins that could help display all of my exhibits on the homepage?

Is this on

It is not possible to show more than one at a time, unless you wish to make the Exhibits/browse page as your homepage.

If you want to keep the current homepage, you can feature more than one and they will rotate so that there is a different showing for different visitors to the homepage.

Yes, my digital archive is on How exactly can I rotate my exhibits so that there is a different showing for different visitors to the homepage?

I came up with a pseudo-solution: in your index.php file in the theme folder repeat the line
<?php echo exhibit_builder_display_random_featured_exhibit(); ?>
The result are two (separate) featured exhibits. Unorthodox but works. The problem is that if you only have checked two exhibits as featured exhibits, the two of them will show up simultaneously in some occasions. If you have three or more exhibits checked, the possibility decreases, but they coincide every x repetetitons

Yeah, that's basically a probability experiment about random results re-occurring.

There's not currently a good way to return more than one random featured exhibit, but it might be possible to add.