IntenseDebate plugin/script seems to be caching my theme?

This may be a question for, but maybe someone else has seen this before. After changing my theme, IntenseDebate continues to load cached(?) components from my old theme for some reason. Does anyone have any idea why or how this is happening?

(PS: this happens with and without the actual plugin... manually adding the script causes the same issue)

What's the actual behavior that makes you think there's caching going on?

I'm not very familiar with how IntenseDebate works, but I'd be surprised if their service was aware of your theme/layout at all.

Yeah, it's pretty strange. Basically, when I activate the plugin/script, and refresh the page (any page in which the comments script is included), the page loads as expected and you can see the current theme has loaded without issue, but once the onload script kicks in, it appears to load the stylesheet from my previous theme, which overrides much of the current theme (in commonly used divs like #header, #footer, #content, h1.title, etc).

I deleted this site from my IntenseDebate account, and re-installed, but that didn't help. I think they just re-activated the old key, so if that was the source of the issue, it remains so.

For reference, I have a couple plugins installed on items/show: Geolocation, Social Bookmarking, and MyOmeka, as well as a jQuery image viewer script called FancyBox.

In any case, I just switched to Disqus, which achieves the same end and works more or less the same.

By the way, re/moving my old theme fixes the problem, so it's actually getting actively loaded after(?) the page loads.