Intense Debate Comments Plugin

I am building a site ( and the Comments plugin does not work when I upload and activate it. I have seen some other sites that use the Intense Debate Comments plugin as an alternative, but I cannot find that plugin to download from this site. Is it possible for someone to send me the plugin file so that I can upload it to my server?

Not sure what happened to this plugin but you can just grab the embed code from your account dashboard at (under the "Install" tab) and place it in your theme file items/show.php above or below where it says plugin_append_to_items_show(). This will do the same thing as the plugin. Disquss ( is also a good and very similar option for comments.

@ebellempire Thanks for Disqus tip, I went that route instead of using the Comments or Commenting plugin.

I forgot to note that this is actually the correct URL for adding the Disqus embed code: