Installing static image base layer

I need advice on installing a static image from the David Rumsey map collection as a base layer for a Neatline exhibit in Omeka. I have pasted the URL for this in the Image Layer box, but it doesn't appear to load in the public view. URL for map is:

Many thanks in advance for your assistance!


I created a Neatline exhibit with a map from the Rumsey collection. I saved the map as a jpg and then entered it into the site as an item. The URL I used as the Neatline image layer is for the largest image file size: "original."

This works, but there is no georeferencing---it is just an image.

If you want to incorporate more sophisticated geospatial markup you might want to look at this tutorial:

You can see what I did here:

I hope this helps.

You might want to check out the instructions that Lincoln Mullen offers here for using Neatline with MapWarper rather than GeoServer:

You should be able to export the Rumsey map and georeference it with MapWarper and go from there.

Even better!

Thanks, Sharon and Emily! This project doesn't require geo-spactial markup or georeferencing. I've also tried to load map as a jpeg saved in our Item repository, but can't figure out how to make this work. Although we have some experience with Omeka, this is our first crack at Neatline. Can you provide more details on how to load jpeg as base layer file from Omeka. I haven't been able to figure this out from NL documentation.

Many thanks in advance!

There might be several problems.

First, the URL you provided for the map does not resolve to a valid image. You need to create a free account on the Rumsey site and then find and download the map you want to use. Once you have saved that as an image file, you could either create an Omeka item to get a valid URL or transfer it directly into your site if you have access to its file system.

Once you have a valid, publicly accessible URL, paste it into the Image Layer box in the Exhibit Settings page.

You should make sure the URL of the image is publicly accessible by copying and pasting it into a browser. If it does not load, go back to the item record and make it Public.

Also, make sure you scroll all the way down to the bottom of the Exhibit Settings window and click the checkmark next to the Public box below the message, "By default, exhibits are visible only to site administrators. Check here to publish the exhibit to the public site."

Thanks for this and your patience, Emily! Completely get it now and thrilled to see this finally working!

That is great!

Good luck with your exhibit.

Thank you all for this thread! Emily, I'd like to follow the model you used for your Robert Frost exhibit. But, I'd like to also map the static image I plan to use with vector points. I see that the demo exhibit on the declaration of independence does that with the painting of the signers and with the images of the signatures <>. Also, I like the navigation with Waypoints, but I can't find that plugin. This will be my first Neatline exhibit and any suggestions you can offer will be much appreciated.