Installing SiteNotes corrupts 0.10 install

I just installed the current sitenotes plug-in and can no longer access out test site. Can someone advise me how to uninstall a plug-in via the backend, since I can no longer access the admin tools. See error message below.

I'd also suggest this plug-in should be taken off the site until it is compatible with the current release.

Scott Sayre
Sandbox Studios

Notice: Deprecated in 0.10! in /var/www/html/sa/ on line 188

Notice: add_navigation() has been deprecated. To add navigation via plugins, please use filters instead. in /var/www/html/sa/ on line 218
Session must be started before any output has been sent to the browser; output started in /var/www/html/sa/

Hi Scott,
Yes, we realize it is frustrating that we haven't been able upgrade all of the plugins. Our small dev team is working mightily!

We do separate the Plugins by those that work with 0.10 and those that work with 0.9x on the plugins page:


Hi Scott,

You can uninstall a plugin through phpMyAdmin (or whatever database admininstrator you use) by doing the following:

- Open the content for the plugins table.
- Find the row for the SiteNotes plugin, and either delete that row entirely, or change the "active" field to "0".

We did a code review of the updated version of SiteNotes for 0.10 today, and should have that released next week.

Hope this helps!

Thanks Sheila and Jeremy-
Somehow I missed the separation between to .09 and .10 plug-ins. Another web user that does not read.


I hope Dropbox is on the plug-in upgrade list. It's a nice feature.

Hi Scott,

If you're so inclined, you can download the Dropbox plugin that I'm in the middle of upgrading for 0.10 via SVN: I'm unsure how immediate your need is, but this revision allows you to batch upload files in 0.10 and create new items/associate uploaded files with pre-existing items. At this point, there are bugs with saving tags, collection metadata, and item titles. I'm actively working on this, but feel free to try it out. Once these bugs are fixed we'll put out an official 0.10 release of Dropbox.